Title: 2021/3/19 7:12:50
Hi, Ichiro Rock Hill team, I wanted to get in touch after seeing your online delivery. I know managing platforms can be brutal, and I'd love to help in any way. In fact, I want to share with you something new called Sauce that MIT engineers are using to get restaurants much higher revenues without any change in operations. It uses dynamic pricing to automatically boost sales so you don't have to do anything. Would you be interested to learn how it works? Thanks, Colin - CoFounder of Sauce:
Title: 2020/8/24 17:11:21
Today was our son's birthday and he asked specifically for Japanese. I saw your rating on Yelp and decided to order take out. We ordered a beef habachi, teriyaki and a trio for take out. When we opened them the only way we could tell the difference between the teriyaki and habachi was that the teriyaki had cabbage. The beef was dry, tough, bland, and unappetizing for both. There was no seasoning. We found 2 packs of teriyaki sauce and 1 tiny container of teriyaki sauce. This meal was less than tolerable and was thrown away. Our son was very disappointed and I had to cook something else for dinner. This was a waste of money and we will not eat there again!!!
Title: 2020/8/12 14:32:00
Hi! I recently ordered from you all & my total was $11.54 but my card was charged $12.00. I would like to know why my card was charged more than the order total & how to rectify this overcharge.
Title: 2020/4/8 17:06:57
I placed an order April 8th, but you guys were closed. I need to make sure that order is cancelled
Title: 2020/4/17 17:16:05
Hello, I placed an order this evening (4/17), without knowing your guys were closed. I received a confirmation email regarding my order (#: 524755180), and I just wanted to make sure I would not be charged later on/have the order prepared. I have not been charged, I just want to make sure it isn’t a delayed processing - I do not need that order. I’m so sorry for the confusion! Thank you very much.
Title: 2019/3/22 9:10:11
I ordered food last night and didnt spring rolls. This is the second time this has happened.
Title: 2019/2/13 9:41:53
I visited your restaurant located in Rock Hill, SC on Saturday 2nd of 2019 and I just wanted to say how good the quality of the service and the food was. We sat on a table as soon as we got there, and we got our food just ten minutes after ordering it. The fact that everything was so good made my experience better and I enjoyed the Asian food extra. You have my word that I am going soon again with my friends. Keep the good job because you are going to attract customers.
Title: 2018/9/17 8:44:58
so im ordering on line can't figure out how change the rice to noodles for 1.00 more. no button
Title: 2018/8/3 8:19:03
Always so nice. The lady up front always accommodates my needs. Food is always fully cooked and prepared well. Most small hibachi grills aren't as good as the sit down / cook in front of you but ICHIROS is!! Thank you for the great quality!!
Title: 2018/8/11 15:24:15
Eat here all the time. It's great food and service!
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